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About Our Green journalism at

Our green journalism tends to appeal to our emotions, exploit our opportunities, and pander to our consciousness as a global village citizen. How could we saved the planet and make this world a better place to live for all. It places a more global willingness rather then a political agenda in front of all aspects in term of  journalistic truth.  Branding all who fight along with Us as Earth warrior!

Founded on the Internet in early 2011, TheGreenCapitalist web site used and began as a Socially, Ethically and Environmentally news site. regularly checks in on what’s happening at newspapers, magazines and Web-based news organizations. I also write about the art and science of writing from reputable internet sources and how to run a collaborative online journalism and business in the field of Green investments.

As a long-time investments activist, I do believe what we need is a new perspective on how we should invest together, earn money that we deserve and make others whom less favored by their living condition profited from it as well and empower them towards better standards. I keep track of the latest software tools, social networks and Web apps writers can use to do research, stay organized and be more productive.

By using the already existing blogging platform on we began delivering our insights and news about the New World Economics based on Green Investments.

Green is Sustainable and Sustainable is Green. Let’s Green it Up!


Written by David Darmawan

February 15, 2011 at 11:29 pm

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