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Darmawan Consulting at Equity Tower

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Darmawan Consulting set up new business office at Equity Tower, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Well, it’s great to be able today, to write some notes about our progress here in our Corporate Consulting Blog. You may know that we are busy setting our vertical portal web sites and our new Corporate web site as well such as (still under construction) but some of its sub domain links which reflects its activities is active like last but not least our endeavor to tackle and act against climate change is reflected to our willingness as well by joining the Green Citizen Journalism movement using wordpress tools to create and guidelines our agendas at
We have lots of great people who’ve come from abroad to help us setting and achieve our goal at Darmawan Consulting as the pace setter for a sustainable business modeled Green Hedge Fund, tons of great people, so we owe a lot to the internet.

And the collaboration that’s going on today, whether it’s between Darmawan Consulting and its strategic partners in areas of Private Equity advances in the field of Green Investments just getting better thanks to our office manager here at Equity Tower, their services and dedication really are fantastic.
We have set up a new business address and office unit to develop and link our meetings to our strategic partners at Sudirman Central Business District area, just near the Indonesian Stock Exchange and major business offices here in Jakarta. At Equity Tower, 35th floor, suite 35D. Lot 9. Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53. 12190 Jakarta.

Our Voice number is +62 21 2927 7878 our Fax is +62 21 2927 8888  and our email at
I spent time meetings with new partners here, talking about the progress on the field of Green investments and sustainable business structures, and sharing our ideas about where we go from here. Really it’s exciting because my optimism about being green investments activist is deeply underscored when I meet these brilliant business persons, and see that they are going to get the resources, and take on these ambitious goals.
We’re doing our best to reach out to our government, so getting ourselves out of just pure Fund manager, which is very important, lots of tough problems there, but to play a role in this more interdisciplinary activity that’s happening in a very deep way in the most of our business life.

So, overall I hope you get a sense of my optimism about how our Strategic Partnership could act and re-act against the Challenge of Global Climate Change with local results and perspectives. broadly and our technical ability in particular will become an enabling element in the years ahead.
I think it’s a wonderful time to be a person who’s busy and conscious about making our planet a better place to live for us and for all and to have gathered these skills, and so I’ll be very excited to see the great work that we can do together.

Thank you
David Darmawan,
General Partner, Darmawan Green Fund.

Written by David Darmawan

March 10, 2011 at 7:09 pm

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